Why Do Travel Agencies Fear Switching to New Technology?

Sep 7, 2022
Why Do Travel Agencies Fear Switching to New Technology?

Switching to new technology can make any business owner apprehensive, and the travel industry is no exception. Most of the fears related to new technology are rooted in bad previous experiences. From wasting money and covering high expenses for technology that doesn’t work to a lack of customer support after purchasing software, it can be hard to overcome a reluctance to invest in new technology again.  

Why Consider Switching to New Technology?

Resisting change out of fear may mean running out of business. Your competitors are always adapting, and deciding to switch to new technology can distinguish your travel business in the dynamic travel industry.

An effortless and secure online booking experience should be a top priority. With an estimated 73% of total revenue in the travel industry expected to be generated through online sales by 2026, embracing new technology is crucial for every type of travel business.

All-in-one software solutions are not some futuristic prediction but a necessity for every travel agency. Saving resources, connecting with partners worldwide, and keeping track of communication with your customers are just a few reasons for giving new technology a second chance.

5 Fears Travel Agencies Face While Switching to New Technology

We highlighted five common fears travel agencies face while switching to new technology. Read on to how to overcome your fears and embrace new technology in your travel business. 

1. Fear of Wasting Money

Purchasing new technology can often feel like buying Pandora’s box. You are not sure what you are getting until you start using the travel agency software. Incompatible technology can cost your travel business money without getting the needed solution.

With numerous travel agency software on the market, picking a suitable one for your agency is a strategic decision. Each software has specific features and functionalities. Recognizing which features your travel agents need and will use in completing their day-to-day tasks is a key in the selection process. 

Avoid disappointment and wasting your money with cloud-based TripMatrix travel agency software. Our commission-based payment policy will save you time and money while giving you enough time to ensure TripMatrix is the right software for your agency.

2. Fear of Change

Change often demands extra time and resources, especially when that change is introducing new technology. Learning to use new software can take your focus from your core business. With new technology and your everyday work on your hands, you will need some time to adjust to the change.

Make this process faster and easier by switching to user-friendly travel agency software. TripMatrix travel agency software has an intuitive interface, and its powerful Trip Builder makes building and selling trips an effortless process for every travel agent. 

TripMatrix is made by travel agents for travel agents. The best part is you won’t have to spend time organizing training for agents to learn how to manage it.

Explore how to make stunning trip offers with TripMatrix Trip Planner Software for Travel Agencies.

3. Fear of the Unknown

The easiest way to eliminate the fear of the unknown is to acquire new technology. 

Before investing in new technology solutions, learn more about their features and functionalities. Try understanding how switching to the right travel agency software can upgrade your travel business.

TripMatrix travel agency software will simplify your business by connecting all the tools and spreadsheets you currently use to run your business into one centralized platform. Thus, investing in the software will save you time and resources. Not only that, but you will also be able to connect with potential partners worldwide, which will help you to create amazing trips with an unforgettable experience for your clients. 

Read more on the advantages of travel agency software in 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agency Software.

4. Fear of High Expenses

Most travel software companies offer a monthly or annual subscription plan. While this payment plan is convenient for software companies, it is not the best option for travel agents. 

For travel agents who make the most of their revenue during the summer or winter, paying an annual subscription can be a considerable risk. In a dynamic industry such as travel, it is impossible to predict your revenue. 

Moreover, a monthly plan can mean even higher expenses. Since yearly subscription plans usually include a discount, deciding on a monthly plan means paying the total price. 

TripMatrix is commission-based travel agency software. Instead of paying a monthly or annual subscription fee, you will only pay when you sell your trip. The good news is that during the calm or busy months, the commission rate for each sold trip will be the same.

5. Fear of Lack of Customer Support

Lack of customer support from the software company can leave your travel agency with fewer sales. In any sales department, fast lead response time is a priority. 

Not responding in 24 hours or even less can cost your travel business clients. Read more on prioritizing fast lead response time in our blog Tips for Increasing Sales in a Travel Agency.

New travel technology should support your communication with potential clients. After you create a trip offer with TripMatrix, you can send it via a link to your client. Customers can suggest desired changes in the comments section, which are only visible to the travel agent.


Switching to new technology can seem like a daunting project. It requires researching the travel agency software market, understanding your agency’s needs, and investing money, time, and effort. 

Considering all the requirements, it is reasonable to have concerns about embracing new technology. Nevertheless, without suitable travel agency software, you are risking so much more. 

With the substantial growth of online booking and strong competition in the fast-changing travel industry, it is impossible to maintain the status quo. Think of switching to new technology as your competitive advantage.

TripMatrix travel agency software is the best all-in-one solution for your travel business. Upgrade to new technology to improve time management, save resources, keep track of customer’s data and build stunning predefined trip packages. 

In TripMatrix, we provide an individual approach to every travel agent.
Contact us to get more information about TripMatrix.

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