• Add details about the trip such as description, what is included or excluded etc.
  • Upload photos or pull them directly from Google

Pax Details

  • Overview of all travelers
  • Edit travelers’ information
  • Select lead traveler

Trip Planner

  • Easy way to create a trip route
  • Add multiple destinations and duration in each destination
  • Easily add items or create them on the spot
  • Option to choose from your product inventory or external products
  • Connect destinations with transportation or rent-a-car options


  • Showcase your trip to the customers in the best way
  • Include a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary description


  • View the total price of the trip
  • Define pricing, margin, and rates for each item
  • Adjust trip costs policy
  • Check and manually change the availability status of your product inventory


  • View trip payment status
  • Easily add extra charges after the trip is booked
  • Enter payments made via bank transfer or other payment gateway


  • Manage payment and cancellation policy for the trip and each item
  • Choose from the available policies or create new ones