Easy Way to Manage Customer Data

With the TripMatrix Contacts module, you can manage all customer data in one place. The module allows you to add a new contact with just a few clicks. Modern-looking 360-degree dashboard and smart search feature lets you quickly filter your contacts.


Key Contacts Features and Functionalities

Contact List

  • View a comprehensive list of all contacts and companies
  • Utilize a smart search feature for efficient searching
  • Easily customize column views to suit your preferences
Contact List

Create New Contact

  • Effortlessly add new contacts and companies with a user-friendly interface
  • Enter mandatory fields such as first name, last name, email, or company name
Create New Contact

Contact Details View

  • Gain a 360-degree overview of customer information
  • Add contact details and link them to related companies as needed
  • Monitor trip details and their current statuses
  • Utilize the option to add comments for better communication and record-keeping
Contact Details View

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