With the travel and tourism industry’s annual growth of 12.09%, travel agents have more revenue opportunities. On the more realistic side, the rise of the travel industry brought more demanding clients and intense competition. 

In the sea of travel agents, it’s not always that simple to seal a deal, and sometimes you have to work extra hard to close out the potential client. 

We shared a list of 7 tips to increase sales in a travel agency. 

Find out what you are currently missing and what you should focus on to increase your chances of closing more customers.

7 Pro Tips for Increasing Sales in a Travel Agency

1. Prioritize Fast Lead Response Time

Don’t keep potential clients waiting. Strike while the iron is hot, because over 50% of leads will go with the travel agent that contacts them first. Prioritize fast lead response time. 

TripMatrix’s direct chat feature will allow you to communicate with your client just like you would use messenger or any communication app directly. The client will be able to see the itinerary and express their wishes right away. This feature allows you to make quicker and easier changes and sell your trips faster.

In addition to direct chat, TripMatrix software allows you to use standard communication options such as email.

2. Design Tailor-Made Trips

Individuals, couples, families, or a group of friends don’t have exact travel plans right away. Each person is different among these client groups, so you should provide a personal approach to every potential customer.

TripMatrix has an intuitive interface that allows you to design tailor-made trip packages. You will select any type of accommodation, transportation, and activity options. 

TripMatrix package builder is connected to Google. You won’t waste time uploading and searching for photos and descriptions of hotels and destinations because TripMatrix pulls them directly from Google, allowing you to focus more time on what matters, building a customer relationship. 

3.  Establish Strong B2B Relationships

The modern traveler wants a complete experience that will force you to think outside the box. Explore what unique experiences and products you can include in your travel packages. Connect with local business owners, tourism boards, and other travel agents. Establish strong B2B relationships to get discounts and achieve better revenue. 

TripMatrix serves as a community for travel operators offering a variety of experiences. Some of the experiences cannot be found anywhere on the internet. With TripMatrix Software, you can easily connect with a local experience provider and add their products to the itinerary. 

4. Use Online Booking Software

Everything is happening online. Booking an on-site meeting at the travel agency office is an outdated practice. Most people don’t want to spend their limited free time sitting in another office. Online booking is a much more convenient and practical way to purchase a trip. Clients can make reservations 24/7 and review trip offers in the comfort of their homes. 

Use TripMatrix software for an effortless online booking process. While customers can safely book and pay for their trip, you can more efficiently manage all purchases. Explore four other ways to transform your travel agency digitally. 

5. Build an Online Presence

Creating and managing social media channels can seem daunting, and the good news is that you don’t have to do all of them. Pick and focus on one or two social media platforms. Research which social channel is the most popular for your targeted audience and focus your content creating strategy targeted for those channels. 

Having quality content on social media requires time and creativity on your side. There are other reasons why you shouldn’t ignore social media. Creating accounts and engaging in social media activities will rank your travel business better in Google search results. 

If you choose to make short videos, you can post them on Instagram Reels and Tik Tok. Additionally, Instagram Stories allow you to attach links that will direct potential customers to your website. Encourage existing clients to post about their experiences. Give customers a way to share their reviews by making a Facebook page. You can even go one step further by reposting their videos and photos from the booked trip.

6. Track Contracts and Proposals

An organized contact list and updates on each client will give you a better overview for planning the next move. With TripMatrix Software, you can keep track of every customer’s activity. Not only will you be able to see a conversation history, but you’ll know in which phase the trip offer is. 

TripMatrix Software has integrated payment processing. You won’t have to spend time checking your bank account. Each time a client makes a payment, their status automatically changes. Also, the commission will be distributed between providers.

7. Offer Extra Enticement

Sometimes customers need that extra push to make a final decision on their booking. TripMatrix gives an insight into what offers potential clients saved. Maybe they saved trip packages with the exact location or within a similar budget. Information you get from their liked offers will be valuable for sealing the deal. Offer extra enticement, such as a first-time client discount, to encourage them to proceed with the booking.


Potential clients want to know you care. Prioritize fast lead response and keep track of your conversation history to gain more knowledge on each client. Learn more about your customers and design tailor-made trip accustomed to their individual needs. 

Stand out from the competition by offering unique trip experiences. Expand your trip packages in collaboration with local business owners and other travel agents. Don’t forget to make your booking process as easy as possible. 

Start to build an online presence on different social media platforms. A strong online presence will attract more clients and increase the chance of new bookings. Track existing contacts and proposals to make sure each customer is on their way to finalizing their booking process. If they are still not there, offer extra enticement.

Start designing and selling your travel packages with TripMatrix Software without paying any subscription fee. Want to learn more about the TripMatrix payment plan? 

Contact us and find out how you can make more bookings by spending less with TripMatrix Software.