Trip Planner Software for Travel Agencies

Aug 9, 2022
Trip Planner Software for Travel Agencies

Every agent dreams about simple, easy ways to create itineraries and build trips. 

Agents spend a lot of time managing multiple spreadsheets, tools, and software. 

Managing offers, payments, and other clients’ data can be effortless with the right trip planner, so just replace countless Excel sheets with one solution – a trip planner solution for travel agencies. 

What is a Trip Planner?

The trip planner is travel agency-specific software that enables travel agents to organize their business. It allows travel agents, tour operators, and DMCs to create trip packages for single travelers or groups, communicate with their clients, and keep track of all offers and payments. Discover 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agency Software.

How does TripMatrix Trip Planner Software work?

TripMatrix trip planner software is the all-in-one solution for managing your travel business. Let’s take a look at our step-by-step process on how TripMatrix trip planner software works.


Step 1: Upload and Select your Products and Services

Uploading your products and services to the software is a simple process. You just need to select the correct category (accommodation, transportation, experience, etc.), add images, and create descriptions. Also, you will have the option to add prices and your profit margins for every product and service. 

Diversify your offer and establish strategic partnerships within the travel industry. With TripMatrix trip planner software, you will gain access to the Marketplace and utilize products and services you might not know exist. For example, you could connect with a local winery, a sailing experience around an island, safari trips, hiking experiences, and many more–the possibilities are endless. 

Step 2: Create a Trip Package

Select or use uploaded products and services to create a trip package. TripMatrix’s powerful trip builder module allows you to design a unique trip package. 

Predefined packages with a route planner and full itinerary view will give your clients a better idea of their trip plan. 

You can always edit the existing trip package, change accommodations or transportation, update the price, add a cancellation policy, and much more. 

Step 3: Utilize the Direct Chat Feature

With TripMatrix direct chat, you can communicate with your clients directly within the software. This allows you to be closer to your customers, to better understand their needs, and to accelerate the sales cycle. 

The TripMatrix chat also lets you track conversation history and keep you connected with each client. 

Besides having an insight into the message history, you will also have access to the predefined packages your clients saved. 

Step 4: Customize the Client’s Trip Package

When you create a trip package, you can customize it based on the client’s needs. Whether you have to change the accommodations, add activities, or stay within a budget, you can modify the trip package with a few simple clicks. 

TripMatrix’s powerful trip builder module includes price calculation to save time and avoid possible errors when adding prices. 

Step 5: Utilize Payment and Track Payment Processing

Once your trip package is ready, you can send your offer via link to the client. The TripMatrix interface allows you to complete the payment and track each client’s payment processing. 

You can see the confirmation directly within the software when the client finalizes the payment. 

Since TripMatrix includes automated payment processing, commission distribution, and refunds, you can manage the whole payment process inside the platform. 

What makes TripMatrix different from other Trip Planner providers?

1. No Subscription Fee

TripMatrix is a commission-based travel agency software, meaning you only pay when the booking is complete. TripMatrix doesn’t have any hidden fees, installation fees, or any type of upfront cost. 

2. Access to Worldwide Marketplace

The trip planner is suitable for both small and big travel agencies. Travel agencies of all sizes can use the marketplace to increase their sales. 

Small travel agents can benefit from accessing products and services from large tour operators. Equally, big travel agencies can diversify and create unique trip packages in collaboration with smaller tour operators worldwide and create a local experience for their clients.

3. Easy to Use 

TripMatrix’s trip planner software has a user-friendly interface. It was developed in collaboration with travel industry experts to meet the needs of travel agents. 

The intuitive look and feel, as well as its simple dashboards, make the TripMatrix platform easy to use and navigate. 


Keeping track of all the client’s data and manually creating offers requires extensive research and time. Selecting the correct software can solve these problems and save you time. TripMatrix is a solution for any travel agency, providing an all-in-one solution for managing your travel business.

With TripMatrix, you can showcase your products and services to clients and other travel agents. TripMatrix Marketplace allows you to collaborate with other travel operators to make additional revenue. 

Instead of manually creating one-time trip packages, TripMatrix trip builder enables you to make changes to existing offers. All the created products, services, and trip packages are stored in the Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about losing your data or uploading each product manually.  

TripMatrix has an effortless online booking and payment process. Forget checking your bank account for clients’ payments. TripMatrix interface lets you track all your bookings and payments directly inside the platform. 

Do you want to leave Excel spreadsheets and a full e-mail inbox in the past? Design trip packages, collaborate with other tour operators worldwide, and earn more revenue! Contact us to learn more about TripMatrix features to upgrade your travel business.

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