TripMatrix Website

TripMatrix enables travel agents to create an integrated website and enhance their online visibility to reach more customers. Agents can simply customize their website and highlight services for a streamlined digital experience. They can effortlessly create trip templates and seamlessly publish them on the website in just one click.

TripMatrix Trip Planner

TripMatrix trip planner simplifies the complexities of itinerary creation. Use it to integrate both internal and external products, and easily add accommodations, transport, experiences, etc. Fine-tune itineraries, generate offers, make adjustments based on customers feedback, and manage payments all with a singlewith single user-friendly tool.

TripMatrix Traveler Portal

TripMatrix simplifies the traveler’s journey from receiving offers to booking trips. Customers can effortlessly engage with agents in real-time through our traveler portal, receive itinerary updates, and provide feedback. The booking and payment process is straightforward, with trip documents ready for instant download.

TripMatrix Marketplace

Marketplace Integration allows agencies to diversify their product options with TripMatrix. Gain access to a wide range of hotels worldwide and use cutting-edge technology to guarantee agility and reliability. This integration broadens client choices and enhances the travel experience.