Create New Products

With TripMatrix, creating different types of products is easy. Simply select the product type and add a new product, such as accommodation, transportation, experience, and much more. A modern dashboard with an intuitive design and smart search makes it easy to use and navigate.


Key Products Features and Functionalities

Product List

  • Choose from accommodation, experience, rent-a-car, transfer, and transport
  • Select a product type to view a list of all products in that category
  • Customize the view based on your needs
  • Use the smart search feature and product filters
Product List

Create New Products

  • Quick and simple product creation process
  • Get started by entering the product name
  • Flexibility to add suppliers immediately or at a later time
  • When creating an experience, easily select the experience type
Create New Products

Products Overview 

  • Add basic information such as check-in/ check-out times, start time, and supplier
  • Select your exact location using Google Maps
  • Add detailed descriptions, upload images, or import them directly from Google
  • Manage pricing and rates
  • Define cancellation policy and add notes for customer and supplier
  • Depending on the type of product, you may need to include other information
Products Overview 

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