6 Reasons Why You Should use a Travel Agency System

Apr 12, 2022
6 Reasons Why You Should use a Travel Agency System

What is Travel Agency System, and why do you need one?

Travel agency system is a solution used by travel agents, travel advisors, DMCs, tour operators, tour guides, and OTAs to manage day-to-day business activities from adding products and services, building trips, creating and sending offers, promote products on web booking engine, and utilizing direct communication with their clients, all the way to automated payment processing.

With the travel agency system, just as with other technologies, there are many options, each with its features, functionalities, and price. 

Every travel agent has unique needs, and understanding your requirements is critical to digitally transform your travel business

Simplify your day-to-day Business

How many apps, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and communication channels are you using to manage your travel agency? Are they all connected? How much time do you spend using all the complex tools and apps instead of selling your offerings? 

Travel agencies and tour operators need to adopt new technologies to stay up to date with digital transformation. Find out why travel agents fear switching to new technology.

Cloud-based solutions can save you time and resources. However, it can also allow you to focus more on creating a unique experience for your customers instead of focusing on a log and repetitive administration tasks. 

Here are some of the reasons you need software to manage your travel business.

TripMatrix platform
TripMatrix Software

Reasons To Use a Travel Agency System 

1. Reduce Resources and Improve Time Management  

Imagine if your only task is to create an unforgettable experience for your clients because the software takes care of all administrative tasks. 

Staff is one of the key expenses and the biggest asset for any travel company. Automating administrative operations such as trip building, creating offers for predefined and custom trips, payment tracking, and cancellation processing with the software will help you save a lot of resources. 

The money saved on administration tasks could be spent on marketing and building relationships with clients. The travel agency system enables you to accomplish and earn more while optimizing resources. 

2. An efficient way to Manage your Products and Services

Most travel agencies have products and services they want to promote and sell, such as accommodation, transportation services, experience, etc. In order to expand the reach and visibility of their products and services, agencies use OTA-s and other third-party platforms, which usually charge them significant fees. 

With TripMatix travel agency system you will have an option to add your offerings directly inside the platform, manage prices, get a wider reach, and improve bookings of your products and services. 

You will also be able to connect with many suppliers inside the TripMatrix platform and use their products and services to improve your itineraries. 

The price of all products as well as the other key information from TripMatrix partners is visible directly inside the platform. 

3. Simplify Trip Building Processes

Travel agents usually keep itinerary text and images on multiple documents which requires a lot of manual work. Imagine having all texts and photos inside the system?

With TripMatrix system, you will have the option to create predefined trips, or you can manually select just a part of the trip like accommodation, transportation options, experiences, etc. This will allow you to create itineraries much faster and more efficient. 

The system automatically calculates the total price, payment options, and cancellation policy, but the agent can always edit and adjust the pricing model based on his/her wishes.  

Once a travel agent is satisfied with all aspects of the itinerary, the agent sends an offer as a URL which leads to a website. Clients have an option to view the itinerary and request modifications. The agent then checks the request and makes changes directly inside the software. 

Once they agree on the trip details, a client can complete the transaction directly inside the TripMatrix system and receive a confirmation email. 

TripMatrix Trip Planner

TripMatrix Trip Builder Module

4. Keep all customer data and profiles in one place

How do you currently manage your customer information? Do you manage all your client information in an excel table? No worries, you are not the only one. 

With TripMatrix Profiles Module you can easily add all your key customer information such as; full name, email, phone number, etc.  An agent can also view the previous conversations with the client, all previously sent offers, and their status.

You can utilize clients’ information for direct communication and as a CRM for future marketing campaigns and trip promotions. 

5. Automated Payment Process

Many agencies use bank transfers or cash as payment options. This process can be tricky to manage because agents must always look at the bank account and check which clients paid in full, which paid partially, not to mention the cancellation process. 

This all takes a lot of time and effort. 

TripMatrix Payment Module integrates with Stripe, which manages all transactions through its payment gateway. The TripMatrix system will automatically generate invoices and take care of all transactions.

Once the transaction is complete, a client will receive an email reminder for every due payment until the full amount has been paid. For every successful payment, the client will receive an invoice with email notification. 

TripMatrix Automated Payment

TripMatrix Integrated Payment

6. Personalized Web Booking Engine

Do you use a Website to promote your offerings? Are you responsible for adding products and updating text and images? Are you a Web Developer or a travel agent?

TripMatrix Integrated Web Booking Engine (WBE) can help you simplify the entire process. You will be able to customize your landing page by grouping and adding your trips, products, and services directly inside the platform. You can also use the page for your marketing purposes. 

You only need to pick the template you want to use and start adding your products. 

TripMatrix Web Booking Engine

TripMatrix Web Booking Engine


TripMatrix is a commission-based travel agency solution for managing and selling travel products and services. With the TripMatrix system, you can manage the entire travel lifecycle from adding products, building trips, managing profiles, sending offers to payment processing, and direct communication. 

Built in the Cloud with an intuitive look and feel makes TripMatrix easy to use, learn, and teach. Whether you are a senior agent or a part-time student, TripMareix software is a very simple tool. 

Our platform is optimized for all devices and for travel agencies of all sizes – even for a single agent or a tour operator.

You can start building trips inside TripMatrix without upfront cost, 100% free. We only charge a small commission fee once the booking process is complete. 

What are you waiting for? Start building your trips now. Contact Us here to get started!

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