Despite lockdowns influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist agencies recognized the importance of digital transformation. More than 148.3 million people make online reservations for accommodations, tours, and activities.

Considering the statistics, making the most out of digital technology is no longer an option, but it’s the only way to stay competitive in the dynamic industry.


5 Key Ways to Digitally Transform Your Travel Agency

1. Create Mobile-Friendly Website

The Google algorithm prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. By building a mobile-friendly website, your travel agency will rank higher in search results, equaling more potential clients.

41% of travel sales in 2021 were made using mobile devices, according to the 2022 Travel Ecommerce Stats & Trends Report. 

Even though desktop sales are in the lead, mobile phones are slowly but surely making their way. We can see this trend more clearly from the pandemic to the post-pandemic period. 


There was a 10% growth in online travel sales from 2019 to the end of 2020. This growth is another reason to invest in mobile phone-friendly website travel agency software. 

With TripMatrix’s Web Booking Engine, you will get a subdomain that you can use to promote your products and services. Also, you can customize the look and feel of your website, highlight your products and services, and use it as a central sales channel for your business.

2. Create a Quality Content for: Your Travel Agency Website

Did you know that a travel agency that focuses on content creation ranks for organic keywords, generates relevant traffic, and gets requests directly through the website? The key is in the quality content. 

The average traveler wants to know everything about the destination they are visiting. Before they decide to book a trip, there is a certain amount of time spent browsing the Internet. Nielsen research found that travelers spent an average of 53 days a year visiting 28 websites for travel tips. 

It is a significant opportunity for your travel agency to make quality content people are searching for. Readers scrolling through your blog can quickly become your future clients. Think of it as the first contact between you and your potential customers. 

Utilize your knowledge and create quality content such as travel advice blogs, tourism guides, or destination articles.

60% of millennials choose to pay more for the travel agent’s knowledge and advice on destinations.

Modern travelers are seeking memorable experiences from travel agents who are market experts. Insider information on the best deal and hidden attractions will put your travel agency on the map and secure higher sales.

Not only will the potential clients get the information, but they’ll also consider your travel agency based on your knowledge.

3. Focus on SEO to Increase Website 

While having quality content is excellent, there is no use in the website content that doesn’t reach the targeted audience. 

The first step to reaching your potential clients is to learn how they think. Using keyword research tools is the best way to understand what your potential customers would search for before they commit and book a trip. This data will tell you which content type you need to create. 

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4. Provide a Personalized Experience to Your Clients

 Modern travelers prefer the individual approach. 86% of travelers appreciate personalized offers specially tailored for their needs. Travel agents that create personalized offers have a 19% higher sales rate than travel agents that don’t.

Each client has a set of individual desires, needs, and interests. The travel agency should have as much information as possible on what they are.

With TripMatrix Travel Agency Software, you can easily keep track of all customer information; full name, email, phone number, etc. You can check the previous conversations, offers, and status. 

As a travel agent, you can give clients a personalized experience by creating newsletter groups, answering questions, or making special trips. 

5. Improve Online Travel Booking Process 

82% of all travel bookings worldwide took place without human interaction in 2018. What does that mean for your Travel Agency?

Most potential clients considering your travel agency have higher expectations for online travel bookings. Many travel sales sites are still stuck in the past, resulting in a low sale rate and high cart abandonment.

Every potential client browsing your travel agency website on their desktop or smartphone wants an effortless booking experience. This means your website must perform a high-quality booking process at any time to ensure customers will hit that buy button.

TripMatrix Software is intuitive and easy to use. Secure payment solutions, predefined packages, and a full itinerary view will fulfill modern travelers’ expectations.

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The travel industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Digital transformation for your travel agency doesn’t stop with creating a website.

A functional, mobile-friendly website will make your travel agency more visible and increase your revenue.

Creating quality content attracts more potential clients. Using your knowledge for sharing tips and insider information will distinguish you from competitors. Moreover, niche knowledge will brand you as a market expert that readers (and future clients) trust.

 When creating your content, don’t forget about your audience. Before starting to write, take your time to research what your potential customers are searching for. That way, you will know exactly what useful information you need to put on your website.

Provide personalized experience to each client. Nobody likes to get spammed with a bunch of newsletters containing offers that are not compatible. Keeping all the clients’ data in one place will help you target a specific group or individual customers with the information they have been searching.

Lastly, make sure your travel booking process is easy and accessible via different devices. Modern travelers don’t have time to waste, so they won’t be willing to spend more than a few minutes for your site to reload.

Want to start the Digital Transformation of your Travel Agency? Contact us to learn how TripMatrix software can transform your travel business.