Modern travelers expect a great travel experience while saving money. As a travel agent, you can exceed these expectations by offering personalized tour packages. 

Why Create a Tour Package?

Tour packages allow you to combine more products and services into a single offering. Creating a customized tour package will increase your revenue, and your clients will get better value for money and a personalized travel experience. Unique tour packages can also make your travel business stand out from competitors. Find out more useful Tips for Increasing Sales in a Travel Agency.

5 Steps to Building a Tour Package

Unique and professional-looking tour packages are massively in demand. Every client will have their own needs and preferences, and travel agents need to be able to nimbly adjust their offerings accordingly. With the rise of personalized travel, a high-quality tour package builder is a must for every agent.

Creating an individual tour package for each client can take substantial time and effort. A trip builder module simplifies the process, giving you more time to invest in growing your travel business. Learn how to build a high-value tour package with TripMatrix Software in 5 easy steps.

1. Identify the Customer’s Needs  

The first and most crucial step is to identify the customer’s needs. If you get this right at the beginning, your tour package will need fewer adjustments later. Knowing your clients also gives you good pointers on what to focus on while researching. 

The key information to know about your clients: 

  • Number of travelers
  • Budget range
  • Duration of the trip
  • Accommodation preferences
  • Transportation and transfer needs
  • Type of trip (family vacation, team building, romantic getaway, etc.)

Use the given information to establish a better relationship with your clients. Taking an individual approach and showing interest in their needs will signal that you care about them. You will also have to spend less time researching trip options with a more targeted approach. Understand the client’s needs and concentrate on building a customized tour package that will exceed their expectations.

2. Research Trip Options 

After identifying the customer’s needs, the next step is researching the best trip options. Research is the most time-consuming activity for every travel agent, especially if you don’t have an established network of key partnerships within the travel industry. Even if you are already collaborating, you should always look for unique experiences to diversify your offer.

Small travel agents can find it hard to connect with other businesses, but TripMatrix Marketplace allows you to easily collaborate with big and small service providers. Whether you are on a hunt for a themed guided tour, luxury hotel, or safe transportation option, you can find trusted new potential partners within TripMatrix Marketplace, which will provide a unique local experience.

3. Build a Trip and Create an Offer

Once you have picked out the best trip options, you are ready to build a trip and create an offer. Beforehand, make sure to upload your products and services. You can create and edit products and services effortlessly with TripMatrix Inventory Management; you only need to select the correct category (accommodation, transportation, experience, etc.), add images, and create descriptions. You can even pull images and descriptions directly from Google to save time.  

After you have selected transportation, accommodation, and activities for a tour package, start designing an in-depth trip plan. TripMatrix’s trip builder module enables tour agents to include a route planner and a full itinerary. Finally, add the price and profit margins for each service and product (visible only to you). Read more about using a TripMatrix Trip Builder in our blog Trip Planner Software for Travel Agencies.

4. Offer Modifications

Forget about downloading your offer in PDF documents, you can simply send all tour packages created in TripMatrix via a custom link. Clients can click on the route planner connected to Google Maps and scroll through the hotel photos, and an interactive itinerary will give them a better idea of their trip. 

In most cases, personalized tour packages demand more effort. The good news is that with TripMatrix trip builder, you can always modify your tour packages following clients’ feedback. Each product, service, and tour package is stored in the Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about losing any data. 

Communicate with the client in a direct chat and find out if there is room for improvement. Offer modifications can be done directly inside the itinerary, allowing prospects to see changes immediately. You can always update an existing offer if you have a client interested in a similar tour package. Each previous offer can be a starting point for a new client with similar needs.

5. Payment Processing and Commission Distribution

Once your client is satisfied with their personalized tour package, they can complete payment directly within the TripMatrix platform. TripMatrix’s high-quality online booking experience provides secure payment and also allows the travel agent to have access to each client’s payment processing.

You can see the confirmation directly within the software when the client finalizes payment. If your client hasn’t completed their online booking, you can follow up to get more information.

Since TripMatrix includes automated payment processing, commission distribution, and refunds, you can manage the whole payment process inside the platform.


Individualized tour packages are beneficial for both travel agents and travelers. While travel agents can increase revenue and establish strong partnerships, travelers can get a better value for money and get the most out of their travel experience.

Before researching and building a tour package, it is crucial to identify your customer’s needs. Get to know your client; understanding them will make your part of the work easier. Also, showing interest in their needs will help you create better trips and improve customer experience. 

Research trip options and extend your offerings with TripMatrix Marketplace. Find partners to complete and upgrade your tour packages. After you create a tour package in the trip builder, you can easily make modifications. When your tour package is done, track payment within the platform. 

Want to start building professional-looking tour packages that will increase your revenue? Send us an inquiry and become a part of the TripMatrix community.

What is a tour package?

Tour packages allow you to combine more products and services into a single offering. Creating a customized tour package will increase your revenue, and your clients will get better value for money and a personalized travel experience. Discover how TripMatrix software can help you build unique tour packages.

What is TripMatrix travel agency software?

TripMatrix is a commission-based all-in-one travel agency software for selling and managing travel products and services. Get custom pricing today.