Best Trip Planner Software

Apr 3, 2023
Best Trip Planner Software

Although air travel is quite popular, there is an increasing number of travelers who are interested in taking road trips. Road trips offer a unique and exciting way to explore a destination at a more leisurely pace, with the freedom to stop and explore attractions along the way.


As a travel agent, you can offer your clients a comprehensive road trip itinerary package that includes transportation, accommodation, activities, and sightseeing options, all tailored to their preferences and budget.


To create a remarkable road trip itinerary package, you need to start with the basics. Distance, route, and travel time are critical factors that need to be taken into consideration. You must determine the best route for your clients, including stops and attractions along the way that will offer the best possible experience.


With the help of advanced route planning tools offered by TripMatrix, you can create an itinerary that’s both exciting and efficient, taking into account the distance, time, and preferred attractions of each client. You can also suggest accommodations along the way that cater to the client’s needs, such as hotels, resorts, or even camping sites.


Using TripMatrix software as your preferred road trip planner, you can also customize road trip itinerary packages for your clients to make the experience even more unforgettable. From unique attractions and local dining experiences to off-the-beaten-track stops, there are plenty of ways to create a tailored itinerary that reflects your client’s personality and preferences. 


Additionally, the software’s automated web booking engine promotes your offerings on your own website which increases your business’s reach and giving your clients more options. By utilizing the features of TripMatrix software, you can create a comprehensive road trip itinerary package that provides a seamless experience for your clients, ensuring they’ll remember the trip for years to come.


It also allows you the flexibility to create pre-planned packages that you can advertise to draw in more road trip clients or customize options depending on the specific clients needs.


What TripMatrix Features make it the best road trip planner?

Although many travelers may prefer to use air transportation, you may find yourself with clients who are looking for a well-planned road trip itinerary that they can book to avoid having to plan all of the small details themselves. You need the right tools to make your job easier and ensure your clients have an unforgettable trip. That’s where TripMatrix software comes in, the best road trip planner software in 2023.


With TripMatrix software, you can manage the entire travel agency back office from start to finish. You can add your products and services, build trips, create and promote offers, process payments, and more. The software’s features make it the best road trip planner software for travel agents, and here’s why:


Tailor-made Custom Offers

For clients who reach out with a road trip in mind, its important to have a trip planning software that allows for quick planning and flexible adjustments so you can create a custom trip to fit their needs quickly.


TripMatrix allows you to create tailor-made offers for your clients based on their preferences. You can customize the itinerary to include their preferred destinations, accommodation, activities, and more. Using the list of products and services, you can quickly pull together a great trip, or you can add new products and services to build the itinerary. 

Each item added to the custom offer can be rearranged or adjusted to create a specific itinerary for each client while keeping track of the product details and fine print that you may need to consider when booking. With tailor-made offers, your clients can enjoy a unique and customized road trip experience that meets their needs and expectations.


Predefined Offers

One of the most significant advantages of TripMatrix is its ability to build a preplanned trip. With the software, you can create a unique route using specialized knowledge of a specific area or create a road trip that your customer niche will likely enjoy.


Once you have an idea in mind, you can use the trip planner to create an itenerary including city destinations, accommodation, and activities. After you create your predefined offer, TripMatrix software can add your offering to your current travel agency website to market to potential clients.


travel agency software

TripMatrix Offers


Convenient smart search feature

The smart search feature of TripMatrix is also beneficial for planning a road trip itinerary. This feature allows agents to search for anything they need, such as accommodations, attractions, or transportation options.


The search function can save agents time and effort in finding the best options for their clients, and it can ensure that all aspects of the itinerary are well-planned and seamless. The smart search feature will also help cut down on the time it takes to add the details on each product.


For example, the smart search feature can assist you with searching contact and customer information. With the smart search feature, travel agents can save valuable time and effort in researching and selecting the best options for their clients. 


Seamless Experience

TripMatrix provides a seamless experience for your clients. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for your clients to view their itinerary, make changes, and access all the information they need.


The automated web booking engine allows your clients to book their road trip online, making the process quick and hassle-free. In addition to creating a seamless experience for your client, having TripMatrix as your trip planner makes the experience seamless for you as well. Every step you take to get your clients on the adventure of a lifetime can be taken right within the one tool, saving you time and frustration. 


Integrated Client Communication

Another helpful feature of TripMatrix is the direct communication messaging feature, which allows agents to communicate with clients and make changes to the itinerary based on customer wishes.


This feature can be especially useful in planning a road trip, where clients may have specific preferences regarding stops, activities, or accommodations. The messaging feature enables agents to quickly address any concerns or changes that arise during the trip planning process.


The direct communication messaging feature between agents and clients can help make the process smoother, ensuring that the itinerary meets the client’s needs and preferences.


Payment Processing

Another advantage of TripMatrix is its payment processing system. The software allows you to process payments for your clients’ road trips quickly and securely. The software also generates invoices and receipts, making it easy for you to keep track of payments and transactions. It also factors in selling price and profit margins to help track your travel agency finances.


Efficient Management

In addition to being the best trip planning application, TripMatrix can manage all aspects of your travel agency efficiently. The software allows you to add and manage contacts and accounts, create, send, receive, and track offers, and manage all travel products and services. 


The software’s advanced analytics and reporting tools help you analyze your business performance and make informed decisions. The software’s automated processes also reduce the risk of errors, saving you time and effort.


The advantages of TripMatrix as the best road trip planner software for travel agents are clear. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and customization options, TripMatrix makes it easy for travel agents to plan and manage road trips for their clients. The software’s advanced route planner, tailor-made offers, seamless experience, payment processing, efficient management, and customization options all come together to provide a comprehensive solution for travel agents.


TripMatrix payment

TripMatrix Payment


Key Features of Road Trip Planning Software?

Planning a road trip for travel agency clients involves several key aspects. Whether your clients are looking for a leisurely weekend getaway or an extended cross-country adventure, crafting the perfect road trip itinerary requires careful consideration of their preferences and needs.


Client Preferences

The first step in planning a road trip for your travel agency clients is to determine their preferences. Take the time to get to know your clients and their interests, budget, and travel style. Understanding their preferences will allow you to create a customized itinerary that meets their unique needs and desires. Add each travel stop in the TripMatrix product list to easily adjust the trip itinerary and keep track of the item specifics as the route is developed to fit their desires.


Trip Planner

Once you’ve determined your client’s preferences, it’s time to utilize the trip planner to determine the best possible route for the road trip. The route planner allows you to select recommended stops, attractions, and accommodations from your product list and adjust it as needed. By using this tool, you can create a detailed itinerary that covers all the must-see destinations while also allowing for flexibility and spontaneity. The trip planner will also keep track of all pricing and product details to make sure the clients can make the most of each stop. 


Share Trip Specifics

In addition to selecting the best possible route, the itinerary should also include detailed information on transportation. This includes the type of vehicle, rental options, and gas stations throughout the trip, so the client knows exactly what to expect along the route. 


Providing your clients with this information will allow them to plan their trip effectively and ensure a smooth journey. The TripMatrix smart search feature can help assist pulling this information into the product details.


It is also a good practice to send out essential information such as road rules, weather forecasts, and any road trip specific knowledge to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for even the least experienced traveler. Additionally, offering clients additional travel products and services, such as insurance, can provide peace of mind and ensure their trip is seamless from start to finish.


In conclusion, planning the perfect road trip for travel agency clients requires careful consideration of their preferences and needs. By utilizing the trip planner, providing detailed transportation information, and offering additional travel information specific to any local travel factors, travel agents can create a customized itinerary that provides clients with a memorable and enjoyable experience. So, start planning your clients’ next road trip today and watch as they embark on an adventure they will never forget!


TripMatrix – Trip Planning Software

TripMatrix is the ultimate tool for travel agents looking to create unforgettable road trip itineraries for their clients. With advanced features such as route planning, direct communication messaging, smart search, and more, travel agents can easily create tailor-made itineraries, track sales processes, and communicate with clients in real-time.


The software’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all aspects of a travel agency, from adding and managing contacts and accounts to creating dynamic itineraries and processing payments.


At TripMatrix, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service to clients, and our software is designed to help you achieve just that. Our team is committed to providing top-notch customer support, and we’re always available to help you get started with the software. Whether you’re a new user or an experienced travel agent, we’re here to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to use the software effectively.


To get started with TripMatrix, simply follow this link and schedule a demo with our team. Our team will walk you through the software’s features and show you how to use them to create customized road trip itineraries and other travel packages for your clients regardless of your travel agency niche or speciality. We’re confident that once you see what TripMatrix can do, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.


In conclusion, TripMatrix is the best road trip planner application for travel agents in 2023. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer support make it the ultimate solution for travel agencies looking to create unforgettable road trip experiences for their clients. Visit our website today to schedule a demo and see for yourself why TripMatrix is the software for you.

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