Full View of All Contacts and Accounts

With TripMatrix Contacts and Accounts module, you can manage all customer data in one place. The module allows you to add a new contact or account with just a few clicks. Modern-looking 360-degree dashboard and smart search feature allows you to quickly filter your contacts.

Key Contact and Account Features and Functionalities

Contact List

  • List of all contacts and profiles 
  • Contact information (phone number, email)
  • Smart search feature
  • Easy way to modify and select columns

Contact List

Create New Contact

  • Easy way to create a new contact 
  • Enter  mandatory fields (salutation, first name, last name, email)
  • Select ‘’Owner’’ of the contact  
  • Click “Save” and add to the contact list

Create a new contact

Contact Details View

  • 360-degree customer information overview 
  • Contact details, contact information, and address
  • Overview of all upcoming, overdue, and completed activities 
  • View offers, bookings, and their statuses
  • Option to add notes and comments

Contact details page

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