Disruptive Trends in the Travel Industry 2022

Aug 17, 2022
Disruptive Trends in the Travel Industry 2022

In addition to strong competition, travel agents face many disruptive challenges. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way the online booking process works. From chatbots communicating with customers to personalized trip offers based on collected data, AI significantly impacts the travel industry.  

This strong competition has resulted in raising the bar for customer expectations. With higher expectations and a broad choice of travel agents, it’s easier than ever for the client to change their mind. 

A modern-day traveler wants a fast response time, tailor-made offers, and unique travel experiences. Without good time management and a system to keep track of every potential client, it’s hard to operate at maximum efficiency today.

The latest disruptive trend in the travel industry is mobile travel. After online booking, a modern traveler no longer needs a travel agent, since mobile apps replace them.

Travelers turn to mobile apps for key things to see, accommodation options, transportation and nearby restaurant suggestions, which makes it hard for a travel agent to earn extra revenue.

Learn how to deal with the aforementioned disruptive trends in the travel industry. Read our 5 Solutions for Disruptive Trends in the Travel Industry.

5 Solutions for Disruptive Trends in the Travel Industry


1. Design Predefined Travel Packages

Researching and putting together a travel package takes time and effort, especially if you go through the entire process manually. Additionally, you probably have multiple clients to manage at the same time. 

With TripMatrix Travel Agency Software, you can create predefined travel packages. Imagine you have two inquiries for a couple’s trip to Italy. The first couple wants to spend more time in Venice and fewer days in Rome than the other. TripMatrix allows you to moderate existing offers and shares the updated offer with your clients right away.

The client can then review the trip package and proceed to payment right away. This will enhance engagement with customers, improve customer experience and accelerate the selling cycle. 


2. Manage All Opportunities

Monitoring all payments, levels of interest, and communication history for multiple clients takes time. With TripMatrix, you won’t have to check your bank account, update Excel spreadsheets or revise your e-mail inbox. Manage all of these opportunities directly inside the TripMatrix platform.

The level of progress for each client is visible in their profiles, which gives you an insight into planning your next steps. You will know the customer’s payment status without having to check your bank account. Also, you can evaluate if there is an opportunity for offering extra enticement or discount to close the sale by checking the communication history . Explore more Tips for Increasing Sales in Travel agencies.


3. Expand Your Offerings

Since the modern traveler expects a unique travel experience, it won’t be enough to offer accommodations or a visit to a well-known tourist spot. Become an expert on a particular destination and provide unique activities and products in your trip packages. 

Expand your offerings by connecting with local tour operators from all around the world. TripMatrix Marketplace will give you access to local travel providers to complement your trip packages. 


4. Create a Responsive Website

Potential clients browsing your website on desktop computers also search for the information on their mobile phones. Travel agency websites should be optimized for desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Without a responsive website, you risk a 50% loss of your sales. Discover 5 Ways to Improve Your Travel Agency and Tour Operator Website.

If you have been longing for a new website with fewer costs, TripMatrix will provide a Web Booking Engine (WBE) with a private subdomain inside the platform. The good part is that you won’t have to build a new website. Showcase your products and services with TripMatrix website templates. 


 5. Stay in Touch with Your Clients

After the customer purchases their trip, the travel agent’s job is not done. There is still an opportunity for extra revenue by offering additional services such as activities, experiences, and transportation options. Presenting these services to your client can be a good strategy for solving the problem of mobile travel. 

Prevent customers from searching for information on their own by providing suitable, enticing offers. Stay in touch with your clients to understand their preferences. A better understanding of clients will give you an idea of what to offer. Even after a trip, you can ask for feedback, review, or photos to post on your social media accounts.



Even though AI technologies are advancing and emerging into the travel industry, travel agents’ knowledge cannot be replaced. While 55% of Millennials currently prefer hiring a travel agent to create their trip, only 33% plan to employ a travel expert in the next two years. 

Establish yourself as a travel expert, offer unique travel experiences and stand out from the competition. Using TripMatrix predefined travel packages will organize your ideas into stunning itineraries. 

Higher customer expectations encourage travel agents to improve their business. To meet customers’ expectations, you will need a reliable system for tracking all your client’s data. The TripMatrix platform makes managing all your opportunities easy. Whether you need to manage your inventory, build a trip, create an offer, or process payment, TripMatrix is a one-stop shop for you. 

Creating a responsive website will attract clients using different devices. Furthermore, it will motivate even the most demanding clients to explore your websites, which will result in a better conversion rate.

The mobile travel trend in which travelers search for information during their trip leaves travel agents without extra revenue. You can’t stop the clients from searching for information online, but you can get ahead and provide them with the information they need. 

Investing in the right travel agency software with all built-in features is the first step in dealing with disruptive trends in the travel industry. Design predefined travel packages, manage all opportunities, expand your offerings, create a responsive website, and stay in touch with clients within the TripMatrix platform. Contact us and learn how to upgrade your travel business with TripMatrix Travel Agency Software.

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