Packages Module allows you to create attractive preferred packages using your own products and services or selecting from TripMatrix’s marketplace. Once you create a package, you will have an option to promote it on your website or TripMatrix’s Web Booking Engine template.

Key Features of Products and Packages Module

All Packages

  • List of all packages 
  • View selling price, duration, number of passengers, trip designer, and more 
  • Smart search feature
  • Track package stage (working on, verified, and approved)

Packages Overview

Package Details Page

  • Manage the key trip details 
  • Select number of passengers for trip calculation
  • Calculate selling price and include profit margins 
  • Manage payment and cancelation terms 
  • Add & edit items (products details, location, policies, price)

Packages Details

Route Planner

  • Easy to plan destination route
  • Add transportation options to connect cities 
  • Select the number of days per destination

Route Planner


  • View and manage the entire itinerary
  • All items and descriptions are visible in the itinerary timeline
  • Add and edit items (products details, location, policies, price)
  • Package Summary


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