Offers and Bookings

The offers and Bookings module makes it easy to create and send offers to your client. You will have an option to create custom offers or predefined packages and track the entire selling process. The direct communication messaging feature allows you to communicate with your clients and make changes to the itinerary based on customer wishes.

Key Features of Offers and Bookings Module

All Offers and Bookings

  • List of all offers and bookings 
  • View selling price, duration, number of passengers, customer name, and more
  • Smart search allows you to search anything 
  • Track sales stage (not assigned, working on, offer status, booking status, cancelation)

Opportunities list

New inquiry

  • An easy and intuitive way to add inquiry
  • Option to create a custom trip or use predefine package
  • Mandatory fields for name, number of PAX, email, and phone number
  • Agents receive notification once the prospect click send

New inquiry

Offer – Details Page

  • Manage key offer details 
  • Enter and edit the trip snapshot
  • Add passenger information
  • Calculate selling price and add profit margins 
  • Manage offer policies 
  • Add and edit trip items (products details, location, policies, price)


Route Planner – Trip

  • Easy way to plane destination route
  • Add transportation options to connect cities 
  • Select the total number of days for each destination

Route Planner – Trip


  • View and manage the entire itinerary
  • All items and descriptions are visible in the itinerary timeline
  • Add and edit items (products details, location, policies, price)
  • Direct communication messaging between agent and client

Trip Itinerary

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